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kelly + tom : glendale falls

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let me tell you about my friend Kelly

hokay, so

she’s this ridiculously smart woman

she’s a nuclear math scientist engineer or something that sounds like that

she’s a classy broad

she’s a fierce Viking woman and a Greek goddess

she’s competitive but patient

she’s no-nonsense and she’s ridiculous

she’s aloof but she’s passionate

she’s blizzard adventures and also day drinking beside summer lakes

she’s forgiving but she doesn’t put up with any shit

she’s a daddy’s girl but she’s her own damn woman

she’s perfected the Nick Miller turtle frown, but she has an easy laugh and a quick-and-pretty smile

she fought for the life she’s found, she’s earned, she’s created

she’s beer and she’s Walking Dead cakes and board games

she’s flowers and I Love Yous and gazing into his eyes

she’s loud and she’s whispery

she has beautiful warm eyes and gives great forehead kisses

she’s a faithful friend who loves you just the way you are

she eats handfuls of brisket in bed, with Emergency Tequila close by


I just don’t know how it’s all crammed in there


we met back at the beginning of this millennium on what the kids these days call our “blogs”…

but we called online diaries, and we lived SO many miles apart

that was okay


but then we ended up in Massachusetts at the same time, living in homes about 80 miles apart

and our friendship turned into REAL LIFE! 3D!


it’s hard to see into the future, you know?

and it’s impossible to predict, when you’re typing in your lil diary for your anonymous friends to read, who is going to become so so important to you and such a beautiful part of your life

thank you for asking me to shoot your wedding to the amazing Tomothy.

he’s kind and he’s funny and he’s handsome and he’s almost as smart as you.

what more could a girl ask for?

I’m proud of you and proud for him - you’re two of the lucky ones!


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kaitlyn + johnny + harley

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we're shooting the Publick House wedding of these two lovebirds in August, and we had the pleasure of spending some time hanging out with them (and their pup Harley) a few weeks ago..getting to know each other a bit and taking their engagement pictures at http://wickhampark.org/ in Connecticut.

what a gorgeous park, and what a fun, funny couple! we can't wait for The Big Day!

p.s. happy father's day! to doggie-dads too!

p.s. happy father's day! to doggie-dads too!

baby, it's cold outside

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Oh, you know - we just headed out to Northampton MA on one of the coldest days of winter to shoot an engagement session for these two snuggle-bug lovebirds! Thank goodness they had each other - and some nice sunshine - for warmth :) 


fun fact: Annie and I have been friends since 2005, when I got my first job after moving to Massachusetts at the end of 2004! Love this lady!


no trip to Northampton is complete without getting photo booth pictures in Thornes Marketplace!


what good sports - we can't WAIT to shoot your nice warm June wedding! <3