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party of five

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Last Sunday was a perfectly beautiful day for a family shoot at Duxbury Beach!

One of the last warm, summery days of the year, and we were lucky enough to spend it with one of our favorite families!

Here's a sneak peek....

not too timid to run right in! #thewatersfine

welcome, baby xander!

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a few weeks ago we had the pleasure of photographing some of Will's oldest friends - and their brand new surprise baby number three, Alexander!

big sisters Sonia and Mila love him to bits!

and so do mom and dad, obvs :D 

down on the farm

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Shot and typed up back in May - but kept secret until after Father's Day! ---- 

I had a fantastic time over the past weekend following little Owen all around the most amazing Spencer (MA) farm! He climbed on each and every tractor (even fitting himself into one of their giant tires), fed 5-day-old Marvin the cow his very first hay; Marvin having been bottle-fed up until then...he snuggled with mom and auntie a little bit (there were way too many exciting things to do to snuggle for TOO long!) - made himself King of the Woodpile, tossed some hay and threw some dirt...you know, all the best things about being a little boy :) 

Thank you Evan and co. for letting us explore your beautiful farm!

Here's a sneak peek...

A good farm is recognized as good partly by its beauty: the presence of trees, grass, good livestock on the pastures.
— Wendell Berry

and I gotta say....