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Lookout Farm Apple Pickin'

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We spent a gorrrrrgeous Saturday in September with a gorrrrrgeous family at this gorrrrrrgeous orchard - http://lookoutfarm.com/

We took a fabulous train ride - 

We got to pick a (figurative) ton of delicious apples...

There was some dandelion wishing (pretty sure I could read her lips, and she wished for a baby sister!)

There was a bit of romantic grape-feeding that thoroughly confused the children...

There was even actual family-time-posing-for-pictures!

This awesome farm had a playground!

which happened to have a terrific, pint-sized Caterpillar Train ride that both kids were excited to ride...until one happened to realize he couldn't actually reach the steering wheel while wearing the required seatbelt, and would therefore NOT be controlling the movements of the Caterpillar train =(

'Please, someone get me offa this!' 

Big sis rode it all around the place just fine!

the playground area also had a LEGO house. a big ole house JUST for hanging out and putting together Lego creations!

annnnd a petting zoo! #HiDesmond #ThatGoatWantsYourApple #RunAbbyRun

annnd a pyramid made of hay, perfect for climbing, jumping, snuggling, itching, etc!

Handsome Henry found plenty of exciting things - like hugging mom...calling for mom...and a super fancy red Ford tractor!

...and so did Adorable Abby! #PumpkinSittingChampion

annnd so did dad... #CheatingAtTinyPineTreeMaze *smh

Thanks for taking us along for this super fun family shoot, you guys! You're the apples of our eyes!

Completed pics soon!