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one month today

janet jacobComment

she adopted me in 2002, Thanksgiving weekend. she was about a year old.

I named her Marty, after Natalie Portman's character in Beautiful Girls.

She lived with me in Wetumpka and Montgomery, Alabama...then Amherst and Worcester and Sturbridge, Massachusetts..

She was going to be sixteen this year. We did everything together.

And there are no words for the gratitude, love, joy...

or for the emptiness. Anger. Loneliness.

We were...'lucky'...? enough to be put in touch with a vet who could come to our house (she was absolutely wonderful and we would definitely recommend her, should that terrible day ever come to your family) - http://inhomeeuthanasia.net/

the house is so different, my life is so different without her. 

I am grateful for all the adventures we had together, and for all of the pictures and videos, for every tuft of her fur I find and refuse to vacuum up. For all the boat rides. The half-hearted fetching. Her insane love of our Christmas tree-skirt. All of it.

Well the sun is surely sinking down
But the moon is slowly rising
And this old world must still be spinning 'round
And I still love you

So close your eyes
You can close your eyes, it's all right
I don't know no love songs
And I can't sing the blues anymore
But I can sing this song
And you can sing this song
When I'm gone

A month feels like a really long time, and like no time at all.

The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven - not man’s.
— Mark Twain